Ken & Beth long

Ken & Beth Long

Meet the Longs


After retiring from full time pastorship at Grace Fellowship Church Ken and Beth Long have been in Germany part-time since August of 2017, working with German believers and churches. In 2013 their son, Mark, and daughter-in-law, Rachel, moved to Germany for engineering and artistic work. God used this to get the Long’s attention about the vast unbelief there. Only 1-2% of the people claim Christ and 50% of them write “atheist” on their tax declaration forms.

Ken and Beth’s primary ministry is to encourage and equip German believers. The Long’s are imbedded  with one of the four Biblical Counseling churches in Germany, situated in the middle of the country where sheep and beautiful green countryside abound. Once a month they travel to Berlin to help Biblical Counseling students at a Bible Training College, because there is no seminary in Germany that believes in the inerrancy of Scripture. The few pastors are stretched thin, so Ken and Beth seek to encourage them in every way they can!

In Hünfeld, their home away from home, the church has about 200 people, which is quite large for believing churches. Ken and Beth are helping them establish transformational Small Groups where people can grow and change. They are also focusing their time and energy on training Germans to counsel biblically. This church could become a model of both aspects of transformational ministry. Interns from around Germany could come there to be trained and take the experience and knowledge they gain back to their own churches.

Ken and Beth enjoy being able to hike in a gorgeous setting just 10 minutes from their apartment door; breathing out the stress of burden bearing and breathing in the fresh beauty! In addition to hiking they enjoy reading, biking, and Ken enjoys losing golf balls.