Vision & Mission


Our vision at GFC is that God would raise up a generation of Christians who have the COURAGE to stand, the CONFIDENCE to speak up, and the HEART TO SACRIFICE because they’re committed to the TRUTH of God’s Word, the MISSION of God’s Church, and the MERCY of God’s Son – Jesus Christ.


Grace Fellowship is a Bible-based, grace-based church that purposes to honor God and be true to His Word. We are committed to the complete truthfulness and authority of Scripture, which is applicable to all facets of life.
In our desire to live according to Scripture, we
  • GATHER together in Truth to worship God,
  • GROW together by grace to be more like Christ, and
  • GO together with the gospel to the tri-state and the world.


Our worship experiences are designed to welcome people and point them to God and connection with others. As we gather we want attendees to be drawn foremost to God’s grace and as well as the life of our church family.


We want to see lives changed by the power of God’s Word and His transforming grace. We emphasize that Spiritual growth is more effectively done in smaller numbers than you’ll find in our large gatherings; we encourage people to connect with one of our Community Groups. In these groups, we try to foster an environment where you can connect with other believers and help each other become more like Jesus. We also offer Biblical Counseling, Grace Kids Sunday classes, Student Ministries, Women’s Bible Studies, and other Care and Growth Groups to help us connect, leading to growth and change.


The Gospel message is the answer to our greatest problem, our sin issue. We want this life changing message to be heard in the tri-State as well as the far reaches of the earth. To achieve this goal, we seek to equip to serve in the name of Christ and send out people to do ministry amongst the nations and in our own neighborhoods.