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May 31 - June 10, 2024


Our team will be visiting a church in Japan that we’ve had a long relationship with. During this trip the team will be teaching and doing outreach. As some of you know, there has been a ministry to Japanese women that has met at the Florence Campus for years. Some of those Japanese women have since moved back to Japan. Claire Hawtrey and Cindy Richmond have an opportunity to meet with some of these women and follow up on those relationships. Many of these women are not Christians.

*Pray for health and safety.
It’s hard doing international travel. The team has a jam-packed schedule, so things like food poisoning, lack of sleep, or sickness can be really discouraging, although a pretty normal part of travel.

*Pray for the translators.
While the team will be doing a lot of teaching almost everyday of the trip, they will be relying heavily on their translators to communicate the truth and hope from God’s word into Japanese. Pray for wisdom and grace for these men and women.

*Pray that the Lord would build His church in Japan.
Through the different teachings and conversations, our hope is that our team would come alongside to encourage the believers.

*Pray for salvation.
Along with having a few outreach events, there is one specific opportunity that we want you to pray for. As many of you know, there has been a ministry to Japanese women in the NKY area that has been based out of the Florence Campus. Typically, these women are here for a while because their husbands work for Toyota, but then they end up going back to Japan after a while. Claire Hawtrey and Cindy Richmond have been involved with this ministry and have an opportunity to reconnect with some of those same women and their friends! Pray for wisdom and that these women would have soft hearts toward the Gospel.

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