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October 31, 2018

Hello Grace Family!
Welcome to the Independence Campus blog! I’m excited to share the progress of our campus with you as we move closer to our launch. For our first blog post, I thought I would share some answers to the questions we have been asked the most: “When will the campus start?” and “Where will it be located?”


In regards to finding a location, our options as of now are:
  • Old Kroger
  • Simon Kenton High School
Both of these spaces would fill our short term needs as we start a multi-site. Grace Fellowship is pursuing Old Kroger heavily and there are a lot of major pieces that go into the process of securing this location:
  1. The government needs to approve a text amendment change in the original contract
  2. Kroger has to approve a church to meet in the retail strip
  3. We need to finalize a contract with the owner of the building. We have met with the owner already and we’re working on a lease contract!


All of this looks very favorable and we are continuing to move forward with what we need to do to secure this space. However, we are not in the clear yet and are continuing to follow God’s leading for the church.


Here is our tentative schedule for the coming months for each location option:

November – City Council Meeting #2
December – Board of Adjustments (the final stage of getting government approval!)
December – Finalize a contract
January – Begin construction in Old Kroger (5-6 months of buildout time)
June – Start date of new campus


Simon Kenton is our backup plan and would be a temporary option. If we need to launch at Simon Kenton, we aim to begin within two months from the time the Old Kroger property falls through.
Regardless of where we go, we know that God is more concerned that we are faithful and dependent, seeking his face at ALL times. I pray that as a church body, that this would be our testimony.


Please join me in praying for God’s direction and favor as we move toward a location for our Independence Campus!


Grace be with you,
Eric Northrup



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