War & Solo | Alongside Bookclub Chapters 23 & 24

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In this Episode: Chapters 23 & 24 of Alongside


Chapter 23


  • It’s all about prayer!
  • How much are praying for, over, and with our kids throughout the day?
  • Let’s bring God and our need for his help every day and let that increase our prayer life.
  • The longer we pray for more excited we get about it and then we start remembering the character and resources of the God of the universe who is our father.
  • Pray for your kids and your kid’s friends.


Chapter 24


  • Jesus got alone to spend time with His Father.
  • Jesus ministry flowed out of His solitude, regularly spending time with His Father.
  • Do your kids see you spending time with God? How are you modeling that to your kids?
  • If regular time away with God is difficult, maybe spend some time thinking of how you can do that more often and invest.

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