Our Identity: God Has Naming Rights | Alongside Bookclub Chapters 11 & 12

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In this Episode: Chapters 11 & 12 of Alongside


Chapter 11

– Names are powerful. The things we call people are powerful.

  • Calling our children by name.
  • The “things” we call them.

– We have influence on other people’s children as well.

– Do you really know your kid’s friend’s names?

– The Mission in your home.

– Teams work better when they’re working together.


Chapter 12

– Hospitality is such an incredible way to love children.

  • Our children grow up in our home.
  • What does our home tell their friends about Jesus?

– How to enter into the private world of your children.

  • Removing the barriers in the home.

– Showing up in their world.

  • What are they into now?

– Going after the root instead of the symptom.


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