Friendships, the Slammer, & Weirdos (4/14/19) | Couch Time

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Passage: Hebrews 13

  • Final exhortations to believers to be:
    • Outward focused
    • Unashamed
    • Obey, submit, & pray for their leaders.


Discussion / Questions:

  • What does it look like to extend your friendship, your time, your talents, your resources for others?
  • What would it like to be intentional in showing hospitality to friends and strangers as a family?
  • Check out the Joshua Project for ways to be praying for the unreached and persecuted around the world.
  • Consider helping out with Capernaum Day Camps for those with disabilities.
  • What are situations where doing things God’s way will make you look weird?
    • Talk about it and process it with your students.
  • Pray for your student’s small group leaders regularly!



  • No student ministry activities on Easter (4/21)