Sunday Recap – 3/17/19 | Couch Time

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BLOOD. (How’s that for a teaser?)


Passage: Hebrews 10:1-18

  • Our sin was so bad that it needed to be paid for by blood, by something or someone dying.
  • Jesus came to pay for sin once for all.


Points & Questions:

  • Are you setting the tone in your home for what it looks like to see, acknowledge, seek forgiveness, and repent of sin?
  • Do your kids see you do this?
  • Guards come down when you are honest with your sin with your kids and set the example.
  • Spend time thinking about how bad your sin is that it required the perfect Son of God, Jesus, to die.
  • View and interact with your kids in the joy of your sins being forgiven.



  • 3/24 – Sunday MORNING sermon topic: Pastor Peter will be speaking on abuse.
  • 3/31 – Sunday NIGHT: Parent Equip Night with guest speakers and 4 families getting money towards camp!


📖 G.O.A.T. Reading Plan –> click HERE to download