Sunday Recap – 3/10/19 | Couch Time

Ways to be present with your kids and lead by example.


Principle #1: Be Present

– Show Up Mentally (intentional engagement)

– Show Up Randomly (randomly find ways of drawing near to your kids)


Principle #2: Making It Personal (Lead example)

– Be in a community group (find one HERE)

– Set priorities (spiritually and relationally)

– Be real (show your kids how to go through hard things while clinging to and being affected by Jesus)


Ultimately: Pursue Jesus, for JESUS…be an example as an overflow or a by-product.


The best thing you can do for your kids is to work on your relationship with your Savior.



– March 31 | Parent Equip Night (5-7:15pm) & 💸💸 towards camp! (listen for details)


📖 G.O.A.T. Reading Plan –> click HERE to download