Sunday Recap – 3/3/19 | Couch Time


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Sunday Recap | 3/3/19

Jesus’ obedience vs your obedience

Who do you think is going to win?


Hebrews 8 talks about the old and new covenants. What’s a covenant you may ask? It’s an agreement between two parties.


A few bullet points on conversations you can continue this week:

– What stood out to you?

– Was there anything that was confusing?

– Do you feel like you have to do things to earn God’s approval?

– How does you’re relationship with God work? (what do you do, and how do you receive from God?)

– How would you live differently if you really believed that God has shown you mercy and has completely forgiven your sin?



– March 10 | *OFF WEEK* (Leader Equip Night)

– March 31 | Parent Equip Night (5-7:15pm)


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