Sunday Recap – 2/3/19 | Couch Time


Show Notes

  • Answering the question: why does fun matter?
  • Fun is the context where relationships are cultivated.” – Ryan
  • Parts of Fun
    • Laughter
      • Brings down our guard
      • Helps us breathe
      • Helps us be more open-minded
    • Doing things together creates:
      • Shared experiences
      • Teachable moments
        • Point them to Jesus
        • Encourage them


In what ways can you build fun into your family culture?

What is ONE THING you can do this week?


Ideas for Family Activities

  • Poker
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Boardgames
  • Drafts
  • Secret Adventure (an activity you planned that your kids don’t know about)
  • Movie Night



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Reading Plan for the Hebrews Series (click HERE to download)