Children’s Ministry Coordinator – Fort Thomas Campus

Essential Focus: Coordinate all aspects of the safe care and solid biblical teaching of children (ages 0-5th grade) at the Fort Thomas campus.

Job Profile:

Critical Responsibilities:

  1. Provide grace-filled interaction with volunteers, parents and children as they participate in
    our Children’s Ministry.
  2. Oversee Children’s Ministry team including maintaining weekly volunteer scheduling and
    ongoing recruitment.
  3. Ensure classrooms are maintained in appearance and function smoothly on a week-to-week
  4. Partner with Children’s Ministry staff at other campuses in brainstorming, troubleshooting,
    curriculum planning, and other ministry initiatives as needed.

Important Responsibilities will include the following:

Coach: Maintains consistent, proactive communications with team members, ensuring they know they’re appreciated, have their questions answered, and have their needs met.

Train: Orient new volunteers with curriculum, teaching them best practices in teaching our children.

Recruit: Actively reach out to new families and attenders to gauge interest in serving on Children’s Ministry team.

Organize: Ensure classrooms are fully staffed on a weekly basis. Maintain schedules and rotations using Planning Center Online (PCO). Send reminders to teachers as needed (automated through PCO). Work with Administrative Assistant to ensure all administrative needs of the ministry are met.

Maintain: Ensure classroom is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Regularly work with Campus Pastoral Staff to recommend improvements. Maintain inventory of toys, supplies, etc., and order replacements as needed.


  1. Give testimony and life witness of (1) being a committed believer in Jesus Christ and (2) spiritual gifts relevant to leadership of this ministry.
  2. Have a sound knowledge of Scripture and an ability to effectively teach and apply Scriptural principles in all areas of ministry.
  3. Be a stable, mature, and growing Christian, demonstrating a continual transforming character toward Christlikeness with an exemplary personal, marital, and family life.
  4. Be proficient in administration of plans, strategies, organization and delegation so
    that projects, events, and programs are completed with excellence.
  5. Be in agreement with the doctrinal position of Grace Fellowship Church.


  1. Must have a demonstrated proficiency in planning and organizing skills.
  2. Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office and G Suite tools.
  3. Must develop proficiency in all of the systems listed above.
  4. Must be personable and enthusiastic for the mission and vision of Grace Fellowship Church.
  5. Must be a GFC member and in full agreement with ministry leadership and the future
    direction of GFC.
  6. Must be able to assess job tasks that need to be done as a self-starter (i.e., must be able to
    define the work that needs to be done and complete it without close supervision).


  1. Demonstrates a desire to grow in bearing the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23).
  2. Seeks to be a peacemaker when working with others (Matt 5:9).
  3. Does all work while abiding in Christ, knowing that all our guidance, provision, capability and strength come from Him (John 15:5).
  4. Seeks to cultivate humility, preferring the needs of others (Phil. 2:1-4).


  1. Must be a team player and be able to work well in an environment that includes a wide variety of team members including volunteers and staff.
  2. Must be able to build trusting, valuable working friendships.
  3. Must be able to engage in appropriate humor.

Wages, Benefits, and Miscellaneous:

  1. This position is paid an hourly wage (approx. 15-20 hours/week).
  2. This position reports to the Fort Thomas Campus Pastor, Peter LaRuffa.

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