Back to the Start Part 1 | Jesus & Brokenness

Last night kicked off our first week of our new teaching series!

So what happened last night?

All campuses teaching on Back to the Start

We love in a broken world, students feel that and experience it on a regular basis.

In recognition of our brokenness, let’s see what things were supposed to be when they were made right.

Mankind is made specifically in the Image of God.

God’s design was perfectly good, and our students were designed to be a reflection of Him.

If we are going to reflect God, then we need to know what He is like.

The world is trying to redefine design, but we have God’s word and we need learn that foundation.

Remember that your students are seeing brokenness on a daily basis. Allow the brokenness to be a reminder that this is not how God designed things to be. Take moments of brokenness and point them to Jesus.

Pray about the hard things your kids are working through, things are different as culture changes. Suicide is rising and so is confusion of identity.

Remember that God’s design was perfect and we will live in that glory. Be excited!