Administrative Assistant – Independence Campus

We are looking for an Administrative Assistant to support the Independence Campus. This is a key position for this newly launched campus. The ideal candidate has an enthusiasm for the vision of the church and strong administrative giftings. 


Job Profile:

Position type: Full time with benefits

Hours: Set hours Monday – Friday, 38-40 hours a week. Occasional evening and weekend events. Occasional overtime.

Reports to: Independence Campus Pastor, Student Ministry Director, and Office Manager


Critical Responsibilities:

  1. Administrative Assistant to Campus Staff:  Fulfill the administrative needs of the Independence Campus Pastor and Independence Campus Director of Student Ministries. This includes, but is not limited to: sending email correspondence, assisting with special projects, taking notes during meetings and following up on action items, proofreading and formatting materials, scheduling and confirming meetings, etc. They will need to communicate with the Campus Pastor on day-to-day needs of the ministry.
  2. Campus Related Tasks: Execute routine tasks needed to keep the campus operating smoothly with Sunday am services as the primary focus. This includes bulletin production, processing connect cards, and entering global attendance into the database. Perform general office functions including, but not limited to: fielding all campus related phone calls and emails, sending bulk emails, social media, ordering and stocking supplies, room scheduling, processing expense reports, etc. 
  3. Primary Campus Presence: Maintain a consistent, friendly presence at the Independence Campus during open campus hours and, as needed, at special events. Care for those interacting with the campus in a loving, grace-filled manner.
  4. Student Ministry Support: Support student ministry through assisting the Director of Student Ministry with event planning, projects, and routine tasks.
  5. Campus Event Coordination: Assist in coordinating special events at the Independence Campus such as Grace for You, Connect, Business meetings, Elders’ meetings, etc. This may include creating registration forms and web events, obtaining graphics, preparing needed materials, ordering supplies, scheduling rooms, coordinating announcements with the communications team, organizing catering, and ensuring any setup, AV, or other needs are accommodated. Many of these events occur outside of normal business hours and the assistant should do their best to balance their work hours accordingly. 


Important Responsibilities:

  1. Serve Team and Ministry Support: You will serve as the primary point of contact for campus ministry leaders and serve team leaders. This includes Sunday morning serve teams, Women’s Ministry, etc.. Serve as a resource to these teams and provide support, as needed. This includes event coordination, web page maintenance, utilizing the database to best serve the ministry and track volunteers, ordering supplies, relaying information, connecting volunteers, etc., making the CP aware of any issues that may need to be addressed at a higher level.
  2. Crisis Care: This person will need to be a mature believer, able to provide front-line care to members of the body emailing, calling, or walking in who are in crisis situation, showing compassion and praying with them when appropriate, then following established, procedures to ensure they receive the needed pastoral care.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Should follow established procedures, while helping with continuous improvement efforts to improve efficiency, organization, and guest experience. Be willing to bring issues and opportunities to improve to the attention of the office manager with solutions, not with a critical spirit, but with humility and helpfulness. Initiative is a plus.
  4. Team Player: Be willing to use your gifting in administration to assist other staff members with projects. Up to 20% of your time will be used to support other common ministry efforts. Be able to build trusting, valuable working friendships. Be able to engage in appropriate humor.



  1. Administratively gifted.
  2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
  3. At least 2 years of experience in an administrative role.
  4. A growing Christian faith and character.
  5. A commitment to the mission of the church. Must be personable and enthusiastic for the mission and vision of Grace Fellowship church. Must be a GFC member in full agreement with ministry leadership and future direction of GFC (or in process of membership)


  1. Must be extremely detail oriented, task driven, and have a keen sense of organization.
  2. Dependability, promptness, and consistent follow-through are a must.
  3. Be able to learn Campus Pastor’s preferences and execute tasks accordingly.
  4. Must have well developed skills with Google Suite and general computer skills. Must be able to learn new software including WordPress, BombBomb, Asana, Wufoo, and Fellowship One, our internal database system.
  5. Prior administrative experience a must and college degree preferred.
  6. Administrative giftings. Must have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and follow through. Must demonstrate proficiency and timeliness in planning, organizing, and executing projects, events, and day-to-day tasks.
  7. Must be able to assess job tasks that need to be done as a self-starter, i.e. must be able to define the work that needs to be done and complete it without close supervision.
  8. Must be a self-learner, able to problem solve and continually seeking to increase one’s skills and understanding of utilized software.
  9. Must exercise discretion. This person may be privy to sensitive and confidential information and must use the utmost discretion, refraining from sharing information among staff and/or the body unless otherwise instructed to.
  10. Empathetic, caring telephone skills. Ensure those interacting with the Independence Campus have a grace-filled experience and feel valued by the staff.

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