Alongside Book Recap and Questions Answered Part II


We have wrapped up Alongside and another summer is in the books. There are some good questions we have received about the book and “what now?” Join us for part 2 of a great dialogue about your questions!

Name two things that your parents did or said that encouraged you in your walk with Jesus?


Waking up and seeing my dad reading his Bible, or having just finished it—I wanted to be disciplined and love God’s word.

My mom modeled loving people well. It was all less of what they told me but their modeling Jesus in how they lived their life.


My mom often said, “Just always do what Jesus wants you to do regardless of our reactions.”

My dad modeled the kindness and gentleness of there Lord.

Talk about a time where you have seen God work in the life of a student and if you could do your teenage years over again name two things you would change?

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