Peter LaRuffa

Fort Thomas Campus Pastor

Life Story

I grew up in New York City. My sister and I were raised by my single mother who sacrificially loved us. My entire childhood was spent in the same apartment building in Flushing, New York, home of my beloved NY Mets. I spent most of my school days in Catholic schools, an education I am grateful for. I played a variety of sports and was on a bowling team for 8 years.

The Lord used a painful divorce to show my mother her need for Him. As my mom came to know the Lord, she did everything she could to expose us to the gospel. When I was 10 years old, my mother and I went to an evangelistic crusade where the gospel was clearly preached. At that point in time, everything became very personal. Jesus didn’t just “die for people”, He died for me. He didn’t just “pay for the sins of the world”, He paid for MY sin by dying on the cross. I believe this is when the Lord opened my eyes to my need for a Savior and His provision in Christ.

I met Brad Bigney in the late 90s when he came to speak at a men’s retreat. He became a mentor and a friend to me and even spent some time visiting us in NYC with his family. In January 2006, Brad asked me to pray about moving to KY to serve as the youth pastor at GFC. I told him I’d pray about it and thought I’d never do it. I moved to NKY and GFC on Memorial Day of that same year. I have been a pastor at GFC ever since. One thing I enjoy about serving at GFC is witnessing the depth and distance our church members will go to care for one another.

Sarah and I were married in November 2002. The Lord has blessed us with four wonderful children: Justin, Jonathan, Emma, and Silas.

Hope for GFC

I hope and pray GFC continues to grow and change in ways that are honoring to the Lord and helpful to the people He brings us. May God give us wisdom as we help others apply the gospel to their lives. I’m convinced the best is yet to come.