Brad Spence

Director of Worship

Life Story

I grew up in a Christian home where godly values were modeled for me.  I made a choice to follow Christ when I was very young. However, looking back at my life decisions, I now recognize my motivation for doing right was more of a desire to please my parents than to please God.

This root motivator changed significantly when my wife and I moved to KY in 2000.  We started attending Grace and my eyes were opened in a new way. I believe it was this point that I truly began a relationship with Christ.

We originally moved to KY for my job as a pilot for Comair Airlines. I had my degree in music education but decided flying commercial airplanes, as my dad had done, had a lot more appeal.

We quickly found Grace Fellowship and instantly loved the preaching.  The worship, however, was unlike any we’d experienced on a regular basis. Loud singing, raised hands and shouts of praise were new to us.  One of the first sermon series we experienced was on worship (God’s sense of humor?). It was clear that GFC’s style of worship was grounded in Scripture.  Still, I would need some time to get used to this.

Pretty early on, I joined the worship team as a keyboardist.  Over the next few years, I was asked to lead worship on occasion.  Then in 2004, the current worship leader let me know that he and his wife were moving to Florida and asked if I would take over as the worship leader.  That was not something I felt comfortable with nor had a great desire to do. I let the church know I would fill in until someone else, more suitable, was found.  I guess they’re still looking! God grew my love for leading worship and in 2010 I came on staff full time and have never looked back.

Janelle and I met in 8th grade and enjoyed a long friendship before our marriage in 1997. We have 2 daughters, Noelle and Sadie. Noelle would be happiest under a warm blanket, reading a book. Sadie wants to create, grow, and groom anything and everything. Games and snacks are a favorite pastime in our home.

Even though I do a lot of musical things at church, I still enjoy playing piano, recording, and writing every chance I get. The outdoors continue to call my name too. Running, mountain biking, hiking, and swimming are a few of my favorite things.

Hope for GFC

My hope for GFC is that we would be used to shine the light of the gospel and that people would continue to come to a knowledge of this gospel, just as I have. I hope that worship would become a way of life, not just a moment or place and that we would remain unified in all of this because of our passion for Christ.