Small Group Gathering & Games


I wanted to do something church wide to help us remember we are a vibrant,  lively body of believers.  Back in the day (20 years ago) I was so proud to call Grace Fellowship “my church”.  It was part of my identity.  We have grown so much since then that the community and bond feels stretched.  I felt very strongly about bringing us all together for some fun and fellowship.

I know picnic games can be lame but they are a great way to increase contact (literally!) and teamwork.  I thought if we could run some first class games (digital scales for measuring, uniformed referees with whistles, video photo finishes, announcer, white lined playing field, massive scoreboard) and offer big prizes for a good cause, we might create some great memories. If you long for that sense of belonging and are proud to be a Grace church member come on out!

– Dick Gautraud (Grace Fellowship Member)


Where: Pioneer Park Shelterhouse No. 1 

When: Saturday, August 23rd

3-5pm Eat

5-8pm Games

What to Bring: Each small group will bring its own food and drink, folding table(s), chairs, and whatever you want, You’ll need a small tarp for chariot race.

Prizes: A central scoreboard will be kept.  Small group with the highest score of course will win!  The First place winner will receive $1500 to donate towards any person or cause the small group feels is worthy.  Second place will receive $500 towards their cause.  There will be uniformed referees to make sure the competitions are fair and impartially judged.

Registration: $10 per family/$5 per individual. Include the name of your small group leader which will be your team designation.

 Make checks payable to Dick Gautraud, 3598 Sunrise Road , California, KY 41007 -or- register HERE!