Serving Our Children at the Fort Thomas Campus

To my GFC Fort Thomas family,
What an amazing launch we have had, I am so excited about what the Lord is doing in the Children’s Ministry now that we are in our new home! So many of you have stopped by to wish us well and let us know how great things look from the outside looking in. Your words have been so encouraging to me as our team has been giving it our all to ensure that things have been running smoothly. The Lord has been so faithful in providing team members who are willing to serve with us and those that have taught the last few weeks have expressed how much fun they have had playing with and teaching the children. It is our goal for everyone on our team to only serve once a month and in order to accomplish that, our team requires 48 volunteers. Whenever I see that number I think “oh my!” but the Lord has always provided and I know that He will continue to do so.
Now that we are getting settled in, would you join us on our rotation once a month? We have needs in nursery, two-year-old and preschool classes as well as people willing to be a substitute for any of our regular teachers.  Please call (859.620.7847) or email me to join our team!


Katie Zuerner
Children’s Ministry Coordinator
Fort Thomas Campus