1265135_brown_eye__1Biblical Counseling is hard work but we’re here to help!  



With so many books, articles, pamphlets and posts, it takes time to sift through all that information and find what you need for your counselee.


Use the “Topics Tab” above to find subjects we deal with in Biblical Counseling. 




The Counseling Ministry would be glad to pay for YOUR resources that you need to counsel.

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BOOK BLOG was also created with you in mind!

Each post is a testimony from someone at Grace about a book we carry.

It’s designed so you can see which resources Grace Counselors are using, and what’s in them.



Short List of Counseling Tools hand pulling book off shelf       

Look here for a short,

basic list of resource tools

for counselors.



Best Bargain for Counselors!  

There is now a Counseling Reference Section in the Resource Center.

These books are not sold or checked out.  They stay on the shelf and are available for you to use.

You can sit down and read a few pages, or take notes for meeting with a counselee or Small Group member, all without making a mess in books someone else wants to buy.  

And, you don’t have to pay the price to take it home if you’re just interested in one or two parts!

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Additional Help


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