Since God is committed to saving, we are committed to sending

God promised that He will save some people from every people group! So, we engage in a wide range of cross-cultural ministry all over the world. Whether you’re sending or going, you can help take the Gospel to the world!

The majority of our efforts go toward 7 strategic focus areas. We believe these are the places God has called us to own by digging in deep with money, people, and prayer.

  • Albania
  • Czech Republic
  • Japan
  • M.E.M.
  • PG6
  • Romania
  • South East Asia

We also partner with people and organizations who are called to different regions. We’re excited about what God is doing in these places and happy to support them through finances and prayer.

  • Caudills*
  • Longs*
  • Baughns
  • Colich
  • Pfennigers
  • Tuts
  • Vanderwier
  • Frontiers (multiple teams)
  • Areopagus Center

*indicates workers commissioned and sent from GFC

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