Challenge 2014 Recap

This blog post comes from David Michael, a Volunteer with the Grace Fellowship Youth.


think it’s safe to say that Challenge 2014 was a blessing to all–high schoolers and sponsors! About 80 of us traveled in two buses to Kansas City, joining over 5,000 for a 5 day conference entitled “Restored: Live the Story. Tell the Story” (you can check out more at Our days were filled with early mornings, energetic worship, messages on the grand story of the Bible, small group discussions, meeting teens from all over the country, service projects, topical classes, and late nights at Waffle House. 

While there were definitely some noticeable differences in joining with so many from other churches, it was good to get out of our “box” of how things should be done and were…challenged! A regular discussion within our group was in how to go back to what the Bible says and to be a critical thinker, without being condemning or judgmental. It was a joy to hear what our youth have taken in from the teaching they have heard over such formative years, and yet to be growing in seeing that we are not the standard, but it is the Lord and His Word. And as we interact with those from different churches, we have great opportunities to know what we believe and why – and most of all to know the Lord in a deeper way.

A highlight for me was seeing the students jump into the service opportunities that we were assigned. One of them was dragging hundreds of illegally dumped tires out of a poison-ivy infested muddy ditch, but I heard no complaining and it was a highlight to many! That same day we had heard about the sinful-brokenness of our world, so it was great to have an illustration of how we can bring order and beauty to our world as God’s grace transforms us. Another highlight was our small group time.  For many months, there have been seeds planted, much watering, and then all of the sudden the Lord brought growth. You never know when growth will happen, but when it does, it’s unmistakably the Lord at work in hearts! God is so good to use bus rides, side conversations, and muddy tires to teach great things!

David Michael

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